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Executive travel: Turkish Airlines business category review

Just as Istanbul is a melting pot between Europe and a Middle East, so is a business category moody on Turkish Airlines. During my five-hour moody from Abu Airport Transfer Gatwick Dhabi to Istanbul we quite favourite a plane's lighting; it kept changing colour during a moody - from purple to rose - formulating a ambience of a Turkish loll rather than an aircraft.

I was greeted with a acquire splash -- a lovely brew of uninformed remove with some soda. It was served with a square of fruit inside, an comprehensive pleasant twist. we went for a strawberry choice and a Turkish Delight came on a side -- another plus.

I also unequivocally enjoyed a food. It was served by tray, not trolley, creation me consider we was in a grill for a moment. One of a cabin organisation was dressed like a French chef- with a chef's shawl and a purple crawl tie. He served creatively baked bread, a good hold on an ultra-modern flight.

The chair was really gentle and it reclined entirely flat. Once a lights were down, we was means to suffer a pacific sleep. The light mount on a side of a chair changed in opposite directions - creation it easy to review generally when a craft got dark.

I'll concede one indicate for a miss of remoteness though, as a seats are really tighten to any other. we was drifting subsequent to a colleague, so this was OK, however, we wouldn't have felt gentle carrying my chair totally prosaic subsequent to a stranger. Also, a storage area for my laptop and boots was on a little side.

My lapse moody wasn't as enjoyable. It was a opposite indication of craft and a pattern wasn't a same. The chair was really wider than those offering in economy category though it didn't recline fully. The tray was formidable to remove from a side of a chair and a TV shade was little - creation a altogether tour a reduction silken experience.


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